Entry Requirements
LAICKI TECHNI is an exclusive trade event, as only trade visitors may access the exhibition grounds. Upon entering, trade visitors are formally required to present their personalized Barcode-card sent to them by ROTA, or the invitation sent to them by an exhibitor. In detail:

1. Barcode-card Holders
Make your visit to the event as easy as possible and avoid any queuing, simply by using the Barcode-card sent to you by ROTA.  Upon entering the exhibition present your card and enter the event directly, without any delay.

2. Invitation Holders
Visitors holding an invitation are formally required to make their way to the venue welcoming office (reception). Making sure that the invitation bears the store or company business stamp, visitors are kindly asked to present it along with their business card.

Children are not allowed to the show.

Athens International Airport ″El. Venizelos"
Tel. No.: (+30)2.111.801.801

Opening Hours
Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14 January 2018
Daily: 10:00 - 20:00

The Show Catalogue
Commercial Visitors will be able to get a free copy of the show catalogue, available at the show reception desk.